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All Your Questions, Answered

Do you have any questions regarding the work we do or any of our products? We’ve noticed that these frequently asked questions seem to come up again and again, and we hope they’re helpful to you. If you’ve got questions that haven’t been answered, feel free to give Al a call for more information (402) 630-4894.

What sets Friesen apart from Competitors?

Friesen offers customer service that fits with your needs and your time schedule- Al Walters will work around your schedule to make sure you are able to get all the support you need, at your convenience. 

Unmatched customer service and quality control that you have come to expect from Friesen Performance. The process of quality control includes putting the engines on the dyno to ensure proper functions and to break it in so your engine is “drop-in race ready”. 

How can I purchase from Friesen Performance?

Reach out to Al Walters by phone at (402) 630-4894, or fill out the contact form on this website, and Friesen Performance will get back to you at your convenience usually the same day.

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