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Friesen is your one-stop shop for high-quality crate engine racing products.

     Back in 2013, when the crate engine was still in its infancy in the racing world, Friesen Performance ranked as one of the top suppliers in the country. Opening up their race shop in January of 2017, and purchasing their Dyno for quality control, Friesen has been leading the pack with their top notch customer service, reliable products, and unbeatable quality control. Fast forward to 2023, Friesen is still leading the way. To Friesen, when you decide to work with them and purchase their product, available by phone, it’s never just a sale- you become part of the Friesen Family, and receive customer service by phone that has set Friesen apart since 2013. We are excited you are here - checking out Friesen Performance - and if you have any further questions please reach out to Al Walters of Friesen Performance at (402) 630-4894.

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